Thursday, July 20, 2017

Complete the Caption

I don't know why this photo appealed to me, but there must be something more than technical expertise going on here. Very few people dare to enter this room full of mysterious equipment. Three men, one woman, no one to disturb them, so...

You know the drill. Complete the caption. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

If - the caning scene

Yesterday I mentioned that the story I posted reminded me of the movie If. It was a movie I went to see with a friend soon after it came out, and I was both shocked and delighted to see such a lengthy caning scene in it. I had been hoping that since it was a school story, there might be a bit of discipline on offer, and I wasn't disappointed. I struggled to conceal my pleasure from my friend, who did not understand why I wanted to stay and see the movie again!

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

From the Top Shelf - The Schoolmaster's Wife, part 1

This is part one of a long story from an edition of Janus published over 30 years ago, by one of the magazine's most popular writers R.T.Mason. This tale, even by Mr. Mason's imaginative and kinky standards, is rather fanciful and reminds me of a spanky version of the 1960s movie If. (I can just see Malcolm McDowell as the nasty Head Boy). It's a school that exists only in the imagination (I hope.  The story is quite unpolitically correct by today's standards, and would not appear in a modern magazine. You have been warned, so read on, if you dare!

It was Priscilla Browne's first Chapel on this, her first morning at Kingswood School and she found herself seated on a rather uncomfortable backless bench with the other Masters' wives. When the School filed in to the chapel the Masters and wives had to stand. The Upper School had to pass along directly behind the bench where the Junior Masters' wives were now standing, and the first time it happened Priscilla assumed it was an accident: a boy's hand brushing against the cheeks of her bottom.

But then followed a second, and a third, and then a fourth; and two of them were quite unmistakably bold 'feels' of her rather ripe bottom, contained this particular morning in only a thin summer dress with wispy brief knickers underneath. She bit her lip and sensed that she was flushing. But she could hardly make a scene on this very first morning at the School.

At the end of the short service the same thing happened; staff and their wives standing while the School filed out, at a somewhat leisurely pace. And again three or four boys, either the same ones or others, did it again; treated themselves to an open appreciative feel of the posterior of this new and very pretty young Master's wife. And again there was nothing Priscilla could do except stand there, mentally squirming, and letting it happen.

It was definitely a shock introduction to life at Kingswood, a somewhat minor Boys' Public School, but Priscilla decided, for the present at least, to say nothing to her husband, Derek. He, new like her, of course, to Kingswood, had to go off to teach his first classes and so probably had enough to think about. Directly after Chapel, though, Priscilla found herself walking in the Quadrangle with another young wife, a pretty brunette, who, like Priscilla, was in her early twenties. She introduced herself as Angela Bowen.

Angela asked if Priscilla was settling in all right. Then added, laughing, "I expect your bottom got a few feels and pinches in Chapel?"

Priscilla was horrified. So it was evidently not an isolated incident. Her pent-up feelings burst forth, "It's simply outrageous! Doing that to a Master's wife! Haven't you complained to the Headmaster?"

Angela chuckled. "You've got to be joking! Have you met the Head yet? You've a treat in store! He's the worst of the lot!"

Priscilla had not in fact yet met Dr. Stirling. She had unfortunately been indisposed when she and Derek had been due to come and look over the School before term started and so Derek had gone by himself. This, the first day of term, was the first Priscilla has actually seen of it. It was considered that wives had an important role to play in supporting their husbands so she had been interviewed along with Derek for the job - Derek to teach English and to take charge of a School House. It was seen that Priscilla would have a major supporting role in this latter function. The interview had been in London with the Board of Trustees and Governors. And none of them had pinched her bottom, although she blushed as she remembered that one or two of the men had stared with evident interest at the pretty blonde girl and her shapely figure, full firm breasts and equally ripe and firm young backside.

Priscilla was due to meet the Head for the first time for coffee later that morning, and Angela Bowen's words did not have her exactly looking forward to it. Worst of the lot? What did that mean?

She knocked and entered his study with some trepidation. He was a large man, tall and bulky, with sharp appraising eyes. Eyes that went quickly over Priscilla's shapely form as he rose to greet her. After the boys in Chapel and Angela Bowen's warning, she half expected him to pinch her bottom right away. But he didn't - oh no, it must have taken him all of five minutes!

He had led her over to his French window overlooking the lawn - after a friendly greeting and saying how sorry he was that they had not been able to meet before. And was she settled in all right in Delaney House? Then, after a few words about the School, he said how glad he was to find that she was such a pretty and shapely young woman.

"Naturally the Governors would have taken that into consideration when they appointed you and your husband. A lovely woman does so much for the boys' morale in an otherwise all-male school. And of course it does wonders for the Headmaster's morale as well!"

He laughed rather loudly. "Yes indeed. A lovely woman with a very shapely figure. Including a rather splendid bottom, I must say!"

And at that point he simply reached round behind her and took a firm hold of Priscilla's backside. A much more firm and no-nonsense grip than any of the feels she had received from the boys in Chapel.

Priscilla gasped and involuntarily squirmed. But what do you do when you are the very new wife of a very new and junior Master and it's the Headmaster who has a hold on your bottom? Priscilla felt she didn't have a lot of choice but to let him continue.

He groped and fondled at her full firm cheeks, and then gave her bottom a sharp slap. "And speaking of your bottom, Mrs. Browne, leads me on to another matter. Discipline. Discipline for our young wives, that is. Sometimes young wives become troublesome in a place like this and, heaven knows, their husbands have enough to worry about. So what I like to do, if our young wives get into any little problems, is to treat them just the same as I treat the older boys. I give them a good caning."

Could she possibly have heard correctly? Priscilla's incredulity must have shown by the manner in which her face flushed bright red and her mouth dropped open.

"Yes, Mrs. Browne, a sound caning." He smiled disarmingly. "To be perfectly frank, caning a pretty young woman is a very pleasant diversion after dealing with young males all day. And I can assure you it is something I shall look forward to with great pleasure in your case."

He gave Priscilla's bottom another sharp slap and indicated that the interview was over.

* * *

Still in a daze Priscilla happened to see Angela Bowen again just a little later. Smiling brightly, Angela asked how Priscilla had got on, then invited her over to her own House, Perceval, for another cup of coffee.

"Did he get his cane out?" laughed Angela.

Priscilla was now prepared to believe anything! "He-he doesn't really cane us, does he?" she asked weakly.

"Oh I'm afraid he does, dear. Whenever we give him the excuse and sometimes when there is no excuse at all. I'm afraid, like he says, we are a pleasant diversion from the boys."

"But - but does your husband know?" asked Priscilla, incredulously.

"Oh yes, of course he does. And he just has to accept it as one of the Head's little quirks. After all he values his position here...and it's not as if the Head was screwing me, is it?"

"When-when does he do it?" asked Priscilla, completely stunned and feeling a little weak at the knees.

"Like I say, whenever he gets the excuse." She poured the percolated coffee into the cups. "And that's another thing, of course. Have you ever been in charge of a school House before? I mean you have the same degree of responsibility as your husband, and that's how the Head views it. And if you can't control the little monsters, that's one sure way of giving dear Dr. Stirling a wonderful excuse. So ask yourself, Priscilla, can you control fifty hormonally-charged boys who are all dreaming of getting you naked and giving you a good shagging?"

Priscilla felt her skin pricking with little beads of perspiration. She had never taken charge of a group of boys before, as this was Derek's first regular appointment. She stared at Angela and bleakly shook her head.

"Drink your coffee," said Angela. "The trick of course is to get the Head Boy and all the prefects on your side, then the battle's won. But getting them all on your side poses its own problems. Of course, you could be like Susan Rogers, whose husband runs Lamont House, and simply allow the boys to screw you. She never has any trouble with discipline."

Priscilla gasped in disbelief. This just couldn't be happening!

"No, it's true," said Angela. "Mind you, Susan is a little tart. She loves screwing them anyway."

Priscilla, struggling to maintain composure, asked what Angela did to ease the pupil problem.

Angela flushed slightly. " Let's just say I'm very friendly with them, without letting them I sometimes let them watch me undress and sometimes - well, I do sometimes let them spank me."

Priscilla gave another incredulous look, and Angela smiled. "There's no need to look like that. It's perfectly normal for boys of their age to want to see a woman's body and also, well, have a little intimate contact with it. Spanking is harmless enough."

"Wh-what sort of...spanking?" asked Priscilla, now struggling for breath it seemed.

"Oh well of course they want your bare bum. A good hiding with your knickers down. And I do usually agree to that."
So now Priscilla knows exactly what kind of school her husbandhas been hired by. Whatever will she do?
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 16

What is your implement of choice?

Liza: I prefer my husband's hand over any implement; so does my husband. We both like the skin on skin feeling.

Dr. Ken: I look for something leather and that has a handle that fits comfortably in my hand. There's no point in an implement that I have trouble grasping. Also, since having a lady OTK is my preference, I look for something that can be used while she's in that position...

Amy: I'm a huge fan of shopping for implements in the kitchen aisle of a grocery store. I get a kick out of having Eric grab a wooden spoon, spatula or any regular household item and taking it to my backside unexpectedly. He, on the other hand, prefers having me OTK with his favorite leather strap in hand. Can't say I don't enjoy that as well! The silent spanker, a wire hanger, is a recent discovery that we are developing a love/hate relationship with.

Subone: Right now my sir is finding the quiet implements to his liking. The newest addition is the red devil from Cane-iac.

Fondles: I think we both agree that his hand is probably our favourite. But as far as other implements go, I enjoy the cane tremendously while I think BIKSS likes the Christmas paddle (wooden one) and the purple rubber massager (it's a spanker I'm certain!) he found at a night market! I don't like the purple one at all.

Ronnie:  We both like the hand. I love the cane as P does. P's favourite implement at the moment is a wooden paddle Bogey sent, I hate it.

Hermione: Ron prefers anything that make a lot of noise, either from the impact of said implement, or from me! He usually goes for wood, and loves the long shoehorn. When I can choose, I usually select a broad, flexible leather paddle, as I prefer the softness of leather.

Thank you all for joining in the discussion!
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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #185

It's the weekend, and that means it's time for an enjoyable brunch with friends and acquaintances. Many of us have more than one paddle, strap, tawse, cane or hairbrush, and there's always room for one more. But how do you choose?

What do you look for in a spanking implement? What qualities draw you to one over another? Does your choice agree with your partner's? If not, what features does s/he prefer?

Leave your response as a comment and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to join in the discussion.
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Saturday, July 15, 2017

You Completed the Caption

What did you think would happen in the fourth panel of this montage? Your captions went like this:

Baxter: It could go two ways:

1 - a bare bottomed man appears over her knee

2 - a man appears and clears her clothing away revealing a bare bottom and is quickly put over his knee.

Leigh: "I wonder what's going to happen when he comes in and sees me like this?"

sub hub: "I hear the lad coming this way. I'd better prepare for his admonishment."

A.J.: Getting spanked for showing too much ankle?

Hands63: The three bears come home and find her sleeping in their bed.

Anon: Peeking through the windows of my cottage yet again, you naughty recalcitrant lad. It is these pantaloons that fascinate you so?

It's time I taught you a lesson. Fetch me that birch, then bend over and unbuckle those trousers. Do it now, you've so much to learn.

Ronnie: I wonder what he has in store for me as he said he wants me undressed before he arrives.

Liza: Rosalind tells Orlando she wants the spanking to be harder and longer this time. Orlando replies, "As you like it."

Sir Wendel: My first thought:
(4th frame): Shows her sleeping.

But then I came to my senses:
(Frame 1 - 3): Antoinette quickly prepared for a good caning as she heard her dear Geoffrey approach the door. (4th frame): Shows Geoffrey sleeping while Antoinette rubs her sore striped bottom.

Hermione: I think I hear him coming. I'll take off my stockings because he always ties me up with them before spanking me. Ouch!

Excellent captions. Stay tuned for more fun at brunch, being served on the patio later today.
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Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday FAIL

Busy highways frighten me, and I avoid them at all costs. Give me a slower, two-lane roadway any day. I'll arrive later but with my nerves intact! However, not all traffic danger is on the highway. Bad drivers are everywhere. I say that the demerit system here in Canada should include a sound spanking along with the demerits and fines.

That's not what they meant by "Drive-Thru"

Is he trying to right the car, or is he rescuing his briefcase?


Trouble parking again?

No worries. It happens at least once a week, and even the fish are used to it.

This one's the best

Happy Friday!
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