Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A New meme - 25 Things

After reading the last round of memes, kdpierre was inspired to create his own. Here is my version.

 “25 things you never needed to know about me, that now you do.”

1.About how old were you when you first knew you were kinky?
I was four years old.

2.Will you eat something if it falls on the floor?
Absolutely. Waste not, want not.

3.Have you ever kept a personal memento of a lover like their hair or nail clippings or other?
Yes, I saved a hair from the boy who sat in front of me in high school after the hair landed on my desk.

4.If you could affordably and safely keep any unusual animal as a pet, what would you choose?
I'd like a dik dik, because what's not to like about dik (diks)?

5.If you could tell someone from your past about your lifestyle, who would it be?
Probably my ex, to let him know I'm still crazy after all these years.

6.Who was the absolute worst person you’ve ever known?
I can think of a couple of bad-tempered primary school teachers who hated me, and the feeling was mutual.

7.If you could enact a law, what would it be and what would the penalty be for breaking it?

8.If the only way you could continue to live a kinky lifestyle was to switch to the role opposite of the one you are currently in, would you or could you do it?
I don't know about the long term, but I'd give it a shot.

9.If you could be part of a TV family would you choose the Partridge family, the Addams family, or the Waltons?
I'd probably fit in best with the Addams family.

10.Has anyone besides you or your S.O. ever seen your or your S.O.’s  butt when it was still red from a spanking, and if so, who was it?
Several adults, when I was little and got spanked.

11.If you had to dispatch a zombie, other than a gun, what would be your implement of choice?
An accordion playing polka music all by itself.

12.Would you rather fool around with a vampire, alien, or mer-maid/man?
A vampire if he's from the Twilight series.

13.Have you ever professed your religious tolerance by saying, “I don’t care what you believe as long as you believe in something.”? Can't say that I have, since my husband is an Atheist.

14.In which fictional bar would you prefer to drink: Quark’s Bar, Cheers Pub, Rick’s CafĂ© Americain, or the Leaky Cauldron?
Cheers, because that's where everyone knows your name.

15. What is your fondest memory involving a nipple?
A scavenger hunt when I was in Girl Guides, and one of the objects was a baby bottle.

16.Confess the most prejudiced or un-PC thing you actually believe to be true.
I'm afraid that would offend some of my readers, so pass.

17.What’s the most desperate thing you’ve ever used to wipe your butt?

18.When you finally die, how would you like to go out? And conversely, what is the worst way to die?
In my sleep. The worst would be falling off a cliff or drowning.

19.What was the strangest way you ever achieved an orgasm?
Riding a motorcycle.

20.If you could get away with it, who would you most like to bludgeon to death?
I can think of a couple of bad-tempered primary school teachers who hated me, and the feeling was mutual.

21.Can you eat with chopsticks?
Yes, but slowly.

22. What sexual experiment of yours ended the most disastrously?
Trying to get my ex to spank me.

23.If you suddenly went all 1950’s Sci-Fi, would you rather begin to grow or shrink, and how would you work that into your sex life?
Shrink, so I could go where no man has gone before.

24.Which sounds most like ‘you’: A kaleidoscope: a. works on principles of physics and optics, b. is a toy you’ll never see these darned modern day kids enjoying, c. is a rainbow in a blender, or d. reminds me of my last acid trip?
A. then B.

25.And finally, just what is the largest thing you’ve ever had up your ass?
An exceptionally large and painful poop.

Please feel free to share this meme with friends and try it yourself.
From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

From the Top Shelf - A Picnic Spanking

We are now nearing the end of summer at Hope Hall for the two cousins. The residents of the estate, along with most of the neighbouring village, are assembled to enjoy a communal picnic. Inevitably, Amelia displeases her aunt and must pay the consequences. There suddenly seems to be a crowd of observers, and from their interaction, it becomes obvious that Amelia is generally disliked.

"Amelia! Amelia! Pay attention to your aunt," Jamie's voice cut into Amelia's reverie.

"Stand up, please, my dear."

Amelia's mouth went dry as she saw her aunt produce the evil little paddle, and slap it into the palm of her hand with a sickening crack.

"Jamie, be a dear, and peel those bloomers off her bottom, if you don't mind?"

For a moment, Amelia very nearly bolted. It was insane. Pinioned in her back-board bondage, where was there to go? What on earth could she do? It was not the fear of the nasty thing in Lady Alicia's hand, though that fear was real enough. It was the shame. Amelia heard a score of conversations trail away and knew with sickening certainty that the eyes of half of Hatherby were now firmly fixed on her rear.

Somehow she managed not to bolt. The thought of whooping stable-boys chasing her across the lawns helped to keep her in her place. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as Jamie took a firm grip of the waist of her pantaloons and began to tug.

"The trollop is not looking so haughty today, eh?"

"I do hope her Ladyship fairly skins that bottom for the stuck-up little bitch!"

"All right now, darling," Lady Alicia's rich tones cut through the general raillery. "Come and put yourself over my knee."

Amelia went almost eagerly. Eager, she was at least, to get the ordeal over with and to regain some shred of modesty.

Her aunt helped her, as she could not use her arms for balance, to lower herself over the Marchioness's silk-skirted lap. The smock rode up in the process and she was horribly aware that her bottom was now naked for the amusement of the picnickers. Had she not been so aware, the comments would soon have enlightened her.

"By God, what a lovely arse!"

"Sweet as a peach. That bum would be a tender treat for any man!"

Amelia felt a hand gently stroke her naked buttocks.

"Mais oui, her skin is still as smooth as a baby's!"

Amelia endured Mademoiselle Isobel's fondling, and tried to close her ears to the comments of the crowd. Despite the depth of her humiliation, her clitoris still throbbed urgently. She shifted on her aunt's lap, seeking to press her tingling nub against something more substantial than skirt silk, but to no avail.

"Your bottom will be the toast of Hatherby tonight, Amelia," Aunt Alicia said fondly.

Amelia hung her head in utter shame.

The first stroke of the paddle put her humiliation in sudden and very sharp perspective. It felt as if her skin had been set on fire.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Lady Alicia brought the paddle down in quick succession. Amelia was engulfed in an atrocious wave of pain.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Amelia had witnessed the effects on Clara and had known that the little paddle with the drill-holes would be bad. Part of her, though, had decided that her cousin was feeble to have cried so bitterly and wriggled so much under its strokes.

Now she knew better.

The pain was extraordinary. Like the birch, it scalded the surface of her tender skin without dulling the nerves.

"Ow! Ooooh! Owwwwww!" she yelped and groaned and gasped as the strokes rained down on her unprotected rear.

"Stop that silly kicking, Amelia, or you will get even more strokes."

By the end, Amelia was half-delirious from the pain. Consciousness came back slowly, in fragments of awareness that there was something else in the world, apart from excruciating pain.

"Good show, your Ladyship. She felt that, I'll warrant!"

"By God, that bum looks like a skinned tomato."

Amelia blew and gasped and sucked in much needed air. The paddling had stopped, she realised slowly. The pain must be subsiding, though that was difficult to comprehend, for her poor bottom and thighs were still in a state of scorching agony.

"There now."

A pat, or was it a smack? Her bottom was now so tender it was impossible to tell; it made her squeal helplessly again.

"Tsk, tsk, Amelia. No need to make such a fuss. Get down and stop snivelling, girl."

Whimpering pitifully, Amelia was made to stand between her aunt and Jamie. The position placed her excruciatingly tender bottom easily within the reach of both her tormentors. She gasped as Jamie grasped her right buttock and squeezed.

"Good Lord, Amelia," he grinned, "it feels as if you have been sitting on a hot stove!"

Amelia could not prevent the tears from coursing down her cheeks. Worse, she could feel more moisture trickling down her inner thighs from her naked quim. The slight breeze made the fluid feel cold, and horribly obvious, on her skin.
Despite the pain, Amelia feels the tingle of pleasure we all know so well. Next week will be the final installment of Hall of Infamy. What will be the cousins' fate? Stay tuned!
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, August 22, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 21

This week our topic was Domestic Discipline, and those of you who aren't away on holiday, tending their gardens or watching the Olympics had these thoughts to share.

Dan: Hi Hermione. We are in a domestic discipline relationship, of the F/m variety. We have been doing it for over 10 years, and it works well for us. We don't do erotic spankings at all. Ours are all for disciplinary purposes. We feel like it empowers her and gives he a way to voice her displeasure with bad husband behavior in a very concrete way. For me, it satisfies a need for boundaries and to subject to some rules apart from my own. I think of it is as part of a quest for balance. I have a fairly domineering personality, and DD gives her a means of putting me in my place when I need it. It also helps her develop her own sense of power and leadership. So, while not for everyone, it works for us.

Wilma: I could write a very similar post to Dan but with reverse roles. We started out with Dd 4 years ago, give or take. As time has gone on we have ventured more into the D/s realm as well. Though I do now understand that Dd is a form of D/s. We do occasionally 'play' if you will in a BDSM form. This tends to be more of a reestablishing or augmentation of our roles.

Would I recommend Dd? It works for us, though the more D/s version works better ( seeing how I am such an angel). I will add however that Dd doesn't always 'fix' things. In fact there can be a whole lot of messiness associated with it at times. Any problems that may have been present before Dd don't just magically disappear with it. It takes a lot of time, energy, effort and determination with both parties to maintain it. Coasting really isn't an option. ( Of course one could argue it isn't an option in a vanilla relationship just seems to be more obvious in a Dd one for some reason). The highs are very high, and sometimes the lows can be very low,that is until a balance is achieved...then you grow and change and start all over again! LOL.

Roz: We started with spanking for erotic fun and as part of D/s play then decided we wanted to expand it from the bedroom and introduced Dd to our relationship and continued to spank for play also. Dd is no longer part of our dynamic, although there are moments that our roles re-surface.

Dd brought many benefits such as a greater intimacy and communication and some of those benefits remain. While it worked well for us, it isn't for every couple.

Amy: Good Morning! We started out exploring and questioning if DD was for us; both intrigued but the idea of the whole thing. We ended up with a 51% 49% relationship that includes spanking for erotic play, resetting me when life get overwhelming and once in awhile, as punishment. In all cases, our communication with each other has grown leaps and bounds. If the interest is there, for both partners, explore it. Keep what works and move away from what doesn't.

Hermione: We do not have a Dd relationship; ours is very much a D/s one. Spanking is done for erotic pleasure, not punishment. Ron has other ways of keeping me in line when my behaviour doesn't please him. Some couples thrive on a Dd dynamic, but it just isn't for us.

Thank you to all who responded. I would still like to hear from those of you who aren't in a Dd relationship. What's your opinion of it? It's not too late! Leave your reply as a comment here.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #139

Welcome back to another spanko brunch. In keeping with the spirit of the Rio  Olympics I have selected a variety of Brazilian cheeses for you to enjoy. There's variety in our spanking activities too, and in our reasons for spanking. If you take a look at Bonnie's Kindred Spirits blogroll, you will see that a large number of blog titles are pink, the colour that identifies the blog as one devoted to Domestic Discipline. According to Wikipedia, "Domestic discipline most commonly refers to the practice of fully consensual corporal discipline between two competent adult partners in a relationship."

Do you and your partner have a Domestic Discipline relationship? If you do, how does it work for you? Would you recommend it to others? If you don't, is it something you would like to try? Do you have any objections to it?

Leave your reply as a comment, and once everyone has had a chance to weigh in, I will publish a summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, August 20, 2016

You FIlled in the Blanks

Today's fill-in generated some interesting responses from you.

Kingspan: Because despite all the great spanking fiction on the internet, all her friends want to talk about is Fifty Shades of Grey.

kdpierre: "Aw, don't be worried, honey. Those are tears of joy. Mommy just looked at the calendar and realized how soon school will be starting."

Dr. Ken: Because Mommy was a naughty girl and got a spanking. Now stop asking questions or you'll get the same...

Ronnie: She was a naughty Mommy so I spanked her and sent her to bed.

Anon: Uhm, sweetie, I'm sorry you had to see Mommy crying, but it's because .... Well, uhm, you know what happens to you when you've been a naughty girl? That's right, you get a spanking ... and it hurts ... and it makes you cry, but you know Mommy and I spank you because we love you very much and we want you to learn to be a well-behaved young lady. Well, when mommies are very naughty, daddies sometimes have to give them spankings to help them learn things, too. So, because Mommy was very, very naughty and got a ticket for speeding when she was driving you home from school, which is very, very dangerous, I had to spank her with the hairbrush, just like I do with you, and that made her cry. But don't worry, Mommy said very sorry, and she's promised to be very good and to drive safely from now on. So, she'll be just fine once she's had some time in the corner to think about how she's going to keep her promise.

Hermione: "Erm...she stubbed her toe on this ping pong paddle that somebody left lying on the floor. Hey, how about a game?"

Now let's all go out for brunch. I know a great place, not too far from here. Stay tuned.
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Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday FAIL

Okay, now this is just too weird. A woman came in to tell a restaurant owner, who hadn't given her a job, that she had been hired by Yale.  This is how it ended.

Yale - not the university, but a bakery called Maison Mathis Yale.

For an even stranger experience, Fill in the Blanks.
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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fill in the Blanks

Here we have an interesting version of the ever-popular fill-in challenge. What do you say when your child asks why Mommy is crying?

Submit your answer as a comment and I will publish your suggestions on Saturday.
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