Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday FAIL

Some days, you just can't win! Here are some culinary-related FAILs to remind you that everyone has troubles of one kind or another.

Mislabeling a box of pasta is a spankable offence

And rightly so!

Where's the manager?

Get a crowbar and pry the machine open

That's all, folks!
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Complete the Caption

I don't know why this photo appealed to me, but there must be something more than technical expertise going on here. Very few people dare to enter this room full of mysterious equipment. Three men, one woman, no one to disturb them, so...

You know the drill. Complete the caption. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

If - the caning scene

Yesterday I mentioned that the story I posted reminded me of the movie If. It was a movie I went to see with a friend soon after it came out, and I was both shocked and delighted to see such a lengthy caning scene in it. I had been hoping that since it was a school story, there might be a bit of discipline on offer, and I wasn't disappointed. I struggled to conceal my pleasure from my friend, who did not understand why I wanted to stay and see the movie again!

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

From the Top Shelf - The Schoolmaster's Wife, part 1

This is part one of a long story from an edition of Janus published over 30 years ago, by one of the magazine's most popular writers R.T.Mason. This tale, even by Mr. Mason's imaginative and kinky standards, is rather fanciful and reminds me of a spanky version of the 1960s movie If. (I can just see Malcolm McDowell as the nasty Head Boy). It's a school that exists only in the imagination (I hope.  The story is quite unpolitically correct by today's standards, and would not appear in a modern magazine. You have been warned, so read on, if you dare!

It was Priscilla Browne's first Chapel on this, her first morning at Kingswood School and she found herself seated on a rather uncomfortable backless bench with the other Masters' wives. When the School filed in to the chapel the Masters and wives had to stand. The Upper School had to pass along directly behind the bench where the Junior Masters' wives were now standing, and the first time it happened Priscilla assumed it was an accident: a boy's hand brushing against the cheeks of her bottom.

But then followed a second, and a third, and then a fourth; and two of them were quite unmistakably bold 'feels' of her rather ripe bottom, contained this particular morning in only a thin summer dress with wispy brief knickers underneath. She bit her lip and sensed that she was flushing. But she could hardly make a scene on this very first morning at the School.

At the end of the short service the same thing happened; staff and their wives standing while the School filed out, at a somewhat leisurely pace. And again three or four boys, either the same ones or others, did it again; treated themselves to an open appreciative feel of the posterior of this new and very pretty young Master's wife. And again there was nothing Priscilla could do except stand there, mentally squirming, and letting it happen.

It was definitely a shock introduction to life at Kingswood, a somewhat minor Boys' Public School, but Priscilla decided, for the present at least, to say nothing to her husband, Derek. He, new like her, of course, to Kingswood, had to go off to teach his first classes and so probably had enough to think about. Directly after Chapel, though, Priscilla found herself walking in the Quadrangle with another young wife, a pretty brunette, who, like Priscilla, was in her early twenties. She introduced herself as Angela Bowen.

Angela asked if Priscilla was settling in all right. Then added, laughing, "I expect your bottom got a few feels and pinches in Chapel?"

Priscilla was horrified. So it was evidently not an isolated incident. Her pent-up feelings burst forth, "It's simply outrageous! Doing that to a Master's wife! Haven't you complained to the Headmaster?"

Angela chuckled. "You've got to be joking! Have you met the Head yet? You've a treat in store! He's the worst of the lot!"

Priscilla had not in fact yet met Dr. Stirling. She had unfortunately been indisposed when she and Derek had been due to come and look over the School before term started and so Derek had gone by himself. This, the first day of term, was the first Priscilla has actually seen of it. It was considered that wives had an important role to play in supporting their husbands so she had been interviewed along with Derek for the job - Derek to teach English and to take charge of a School House. It was seen that Priscilla would have a major supporting role in this latter function. The interview had been in London with the Board of Trustees and Governors. And none of them had pinched her bottom, although she blushed as she remembered that one or two of the men had stared with evident interest at the pretty blonde girl and her shapely figure, full firm breasts and equally ripe and firm young backside.

Priscilla was due to meet the Head for the first time for coffee later that morning, and Angela Bowen's words did not have her exactly looking forward to it. Worst of the lot? What did that mean?

She knocked and entered his study with some trepidation. He was a large man, tall and bulky, with sharp appraising eyes. Eyes that went quickly over Priscilla's shapely form as he rose to greet her. After the boys in Chapel and Angela Bowen's warning, she half expected him to pinch her bottom right away. But he didn't - oh no, it must have taken him all of five minutes!

He had led her over to his French window overlooking the lawn - after a friendly greeting and saying how sorry he was that they had not been able to meet before. And was she settled in all right in Delaney House? Then, after a few words about the School, he said how glad he was to find that she was such a pretty and shapely young woman.

"Naturally the Governors would have taken that into consideration when they appointed you and your husband. A lovely woman does so much for the boys' morale in an otherwise all-male school. And of course it does wonders for the Headmaster's morale as well!"

He laughed rather loudly. "Yes indeed. A lovely woman with a very shapely figure. Including a rather splendid bottom, I must say!"

And at that point he simply reached round behind her and took a firm hold of Priscilla's backside. A much more firm and no-nonsense grip than any of the feels she had received from the boys in Chapel.

Priscilla gasped and involuntarily squirmed. But what do you do when you are the very new wife of a very new and junior Master and it's the Headmaster who has a hold on your bottom? Priscilla felt she didn't have a lot of choice but to let him continue.

He groped and fondled at her full firm cheeks, and then gave her bottom a sharp slap. "And speaking of your bottom, Mrs. Browne, leads me on to another matter. Discipline. Discipline for our young wives, that is. Sometimes young wives become troublesome in a place like this and, heaven knows, their husbands have enough to worry about. So what I like to do, if our young wives get into any little problems, is to treat them just the same as I treat the older boys. I give them a good caning."

Could she possibly have heard correctly? Priscilla's incredulity must have shown by the manner in which her face flushed bright red and her mouth dropped open.

"Yes, Mrs. Browne, a sound caning." He smiled disarmingly. "To be perfectly frank, caning a pretty young woman is a very pleasant diversion after dealing with young males all day. And I can assure you it is something I shall look forward to with great pleasure in your case."

He gave Priscilla's bottom another sharp slap and indicated that the interview was over.

* * *

Still in a daze Priscilla happened to see Angela Bowen again just a little later. Smiling brightly, Angela asked how Priscilla had got on, then invited her over to her own House, Perceval, for another cup of coffee.

"Did he get his cane out?" laughed Angela.

Priscilla was now prepared to believe anything! "He-he doesn't really cane us, does he?" she asked weakly.

"Oh I'm afraid he does, dear. Whenever we give him the excuse and sometimes when there is no excuse at all. I'm afraid, like he says, we are a pleasant diversion from the boys."

"But - but does your husband know?" asked Priscilla, incredulously.

"Oh yes, of course he does. And he just has to accept it as one of the Head's little quirks. After all he values his position here...and it's not as if the Head was screwing me, is it?"

"When-when does he do it?" asked Priscilla, completely stunned and feeling a little weak at the knees.

"Like I say, whenever he gets the excuse." She poured the percolated coffee into the cups. "And that's another thing, of course. Have you ever been in charge of a school House before? I mean you have the same degree of responsibility as your husband, and that's how the Head views it. And if you can't control the little monsters, that's one sure way of giving dear Dr. Stirling a wonderful excuse. So ask yourself, Priscilla, can you control fifty hormonally-charged boys who are all dreaming of getting you naked and giving you a good shagging?"

Priscilla felt her skin pricking with little beads of perspiration. She had never taken charge of a group of boys before, as this was Derek's first regular appointment. She stared at Angela and bleakly shook her head.

"Drink your coffee," said Angela. "The trick of course is to get the Head Boy and all the prefects on your side, then the battle's won. But getting them all on your side poses its own problems. Of course, you could be like Susan Rogers, whose husband runs Lamont House, and simply allow the boys to screw you. She never has any trouble with discipline."

Priscilla gasped in disbelief. This just couldn't be happening!

"No, it's true," said Angela. "Mind you, Susan is a little tart. She loves screwing them anyway."

Priscilla, struggling to maintain composure, asked what Angela did to ease the pupil problem.

Angela flushed slightly. " Let's just say I'm very friendly with them, without letting them I sometimes let them watch me undress and sometimes - well, I do sometimes let them spank me."

Priscilla gave another incredulous look, and Angela smiled. "There's no need to look like that. It's perfectly normal for boys of their age to want to see a woman's body and also, well, have a little intimate contact with it. Spanking is harmless enough."

"Wh-what sort of...spanking?" asked Priscilla, now struggling for breath it seemed.

"Oh well of course they want your bare bum. A good hiding with your knickers down. And I do usually agree to that."
So now Priscilla knows exactly what kind of school her husbandhas been hired by. Whatever will she do?
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 16

What is your implement of choice?

Liza: I prefer my husband's hand over any implement; so does my husband. We both like the skin on skin feeling.

Dr. Ken: I look for something leather and that has a handle that fits comfortably in my hand. There's no point in an implement that I have trouble grasping. Also, since having a lady OTK is my preference, I look for something that can be used while she's in that position...

Amy: I'm a huge fan of shopping for implements in the kitchen aisle of a grocery store. I get a kick out of having Eric grab a wooden spoon, spatula or any regular household item and taking it to my backside unexpectedly. He, on the other hand, prefers having me OTK with his favorite leather strap in hand. Can't say I don't enjoy that as well! The silent spanker, a wire hanger, is a recent discovery that we are developing a love/hate relationship with.

Subone: Right now my sir is finding the quiet implements to his liking. The newest addition is the red devil from Cane-iac.

Fondles: I think we both agree that his hand is probably our favourite. But as far as other implements go, I enjoy the cane tremendously while I think BIKSS likes the Christmas paddle (wooden one) and the purple rubber massager (it's a spanker I'm certain!) he found at a night market! I don't like the purple one at all.

Ronnie:  We both like the hand. I love the cane as P does. P's favourite implement at the moment is a wooden paddle Bogey sent, I hate it.

Hermione: Ron prefers anything that make a lot of noise, either from the impact of said implement, or from me! He usually goes for wood, and loves the long shoehorn. When I can choose, I usually select a broad, flexible leather paddle, as I prefer the softness of leather.

Thank you all for joining in the discussion!
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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #185

It's the weekend, and that means it's time for an enjoyable brunch with friends and acquaintances. Many of us have more than one paddle, strap, tawse, cane or hairbrush, and there's always room for one more. But how do you choose?

What do you look for in a spanking implement? What qualities draw you to one over another? Does your choice agree with your partner's? If not, what features does s/he prefer?

Leave your response as a comment and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to join in the discussion.
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Saturday, July 15, 2017

You Completed the Caption

What did you think would happen in the fourth panel of this montage? Your captions went like this:

Baxter: It could go two ways:

1 - a bare bottomed man appears over her knee

2 - a man appears and clears her clothing away revealing a bare bottom and is quickly put over his knee.

Leigh: "I wonder what's going to happen when he comes in and sees me like this?"

sub hub: "I hear the lad coming this way. I'd better prepare for his admonishment."

A.J.: Getting spanked for showing too much ankle?

Hands63: The three bears come home and find her sleeping in their bed.

Anon: Peeking through the windows of my cottage yet again, you naughty recalcitrant lad. It is these pantaloons that fascinate you so?

It's time I taught you a lesson. Fetch me that birch, then bend over and unbuckle those trousers. Do it now, you've so much to learn.

Ronnie: I wonder what he has in store for me as he said he wants me undressed before he arrives.

Liza: Rosalind tells Orlando she wants the spanking to be harder and longer this time. Orlando replies, "As you like it."

Sir Wendel: My first thought:
(4th frame): Shows her sleeping.

But then I came to my senses:
(Frame 1 - 3): Antoinette quickly prepared for a good caning as she heard her dear Geoffrey approach the door. (4th frame): Shows Geoffrey sleeping while Antoinette rubs her sore striped bottom.

Hermione: I think I hear him coming. I'll take off my stockings because he always ties me up with them before spanking me. Ouch!

Excellent captions. Stay tuned for more fun at brunch, being served on the patio later today.
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Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday FAIL

Busy highways frighten me, and I avoid them at all costs. Give me a slower, two-lane roadway any day. I'll arrive later but with my nerves intact! However, not all traffic danger is on the highway. Bad drivers are everywhere. I say that the demerit system here in Canada should include a sound spanking along with the demerits and fines.

That's not what they meant by "Drive-Thru"

Is he trying to right the car, or is he rescuing his briefcase?


Trouble parking again?

No worries. It happens at least once a week, and even the fish are used to it.

This one's the best

Happy Friday!
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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Complete the Caption

This vintage sequence of photos reminds me of some of the Victorian spanking  stories I have read over the years. What will happen in the missing fourth picture?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your suggestions on Saturday.
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Is everybody okay?

Right now, over 200 wildfires are burning out of control in British Columbia and California. Many of my readers live on the west coast of Canada and the USA, and on behalf of all my readers, I hope that you are safe and out of harm's way. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Let us know if you are safe.
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Guest Post - Bloomingdale's

Some time ago, I shared a true story sent to me by our good friend and regular reader A.J.  He promised me a followup, and here it is.

We are a few months into our relationship that now includes a little spanking.  It's not an all-the-time thing, just once in a while and only for the sheer kinky fun of it.  We never hurt each other nor spanked for punishment.  Sherry has been spanked a few times; and she has spanked me, not as often as I do her, but she's done it!  Both of us spank and are spanked because we both found it so sexy.  We are so comfortable being with each other.

It's mid-week, after work, and we are at a restaurant in a mall.  After, we leave the restaurant to head for the car and walk by Bloomingdale's,  And that is when Sherry suddenly remembers she needs to "pick up a few things".  I didn't groan out loud, but inside my head I sure did. I hate shopping, even by myself for myself, but tagging along with someone when you want to be somewhere/anywhere else...?  Oh, jeeze.  Damn. Suck it up, big boy!

We go into Bloomingdale's.

Now, it's already well after 8PM and they close at 9 so there are very few people in the store, and little time.  To make the best of a bad time, I start acting the fool.  Making jokes about people, things on sale, just anything and everything, making myself a little pest and acting goofy, and pushing her buttons a bit with it.

We wind up in ladies' lingerie.  Oh, yeah.  Always a favorite for guys, amiright? - and the place is deserted with only the sales clerk, a woman, probably around 24, in the department, ready and eager to lock up and go home.  I'm picking up odd pieces of lingerie and cracking wise using them as props.   Sherry has found what she wants and is with the clerk checking out when I see this rather large pair of women's panties, hold them up and said something like, "Hope these aren't in your future!"  Or something like that.

Frustrated with my antics Sherry then asks (groans?) the clerk, "Ummmm.  How do you get men to stop acting like idiots?"

Clerk:  "Ha. There's no answer to that one."

And then Sherry sighs.  And then there is that slight pause....  And then she says to the clerk quite clearly, "Maybe I'll just have to spank him."

I heard that!  I heard that!  Sherry just used the s-word!  In public!  To a civilian!  Not supposed to do that.  I'm more than a little surprised, but I'm now deep into 'fool' mode and, dammit - I can't let her get away with that!!

Me, (in a whiny voice):  "Oh!  A spanking.  I'm so afraid. Not that.  Not that, pleeeese."

Well, she heard that, looks up and me, points a waggling finger toward me like a teacher giving a warning to a 7-year-old and, with a face full of smiles and bright eyes says, "Ahhhh!!  All right!  All right! Now you've done it!  You asked for it! (Wait for it....wait....wait....wait... here it comes...)  ...Wait 'til we get home!"

Yeah.  Those words; words we've all heard before.  And we all know what those words imply.

The clerk is now laughing!  And I mean she just has a face full of smiles and giggles!   I come up behind Sherry as she's getting checked out, still over-playing the fool, kissing the back of her neck, my arms around her waist, and just pouring 'the pest' on:  "Oh, please, no.  Not that.  Don't spank me," etc, etc.

Sherry is furiously trying to sign everything and get her receipt and packages as fast as she can, and I'm in the way.  And she's smiling through pursed lips the whole time, and mumbling, "Oooooh; just you wait 'til I get you home!"  She finally gets everything, turns, takes me by the sleeve and says very clearly, the magic words, "Let's go home.  We. Need. To. Talk."  And you damn well know the dead tone in which that last sentence was delivered.

We go about three steps towards the exit.  Sherry pauses, stops, looks back at the clerk and asks, "Whatdaya think; bare bottom?"

Oh, sweet Mary, what a moment!  The clerk almost explodes!  Hell - I almost exploded!  The clerk is a grinning fool and gives Sherry - a thumbs up!  PERMISSION!

I see that and just glare at the clerk and give her a pained, eyes and mouth wide-open 'What...? I-thought-you-were-my-friend' look.  The clerk then tells Sherry, "And give him a couple for me!"  I just glared at her (friendly, though) as I was pulled toward the door.  I think we made that clerk's week.

Out of the store and into the mall and Sherry is taking long strides toward indoor parking, pushing and pulling me all the while like a mom on a mission with a 5-year-old, her heels making that determined clicking sound on polished granite women in heels make when they walk too fast.  She's still smiling; but it's an evil smile!

In the car.  I'm in the driver's seat.  "C'mon.  Start the car. We need to get home.  C'mon. C'mon... C'mon..."

I start driving and see her with one leg crossed over the other, top leg moving up and down, shoe hanging on her toes, twisting her ankles.... Uh-oh.  She's not looking at me, but I can occasionally see her reflection in her window; lips slightly pursed - but still, a bit of a smile.  And she's thinking!  Or is it scheming?

We're at her place in about 10 minutes and she is out of the car in a flash, pushing and pulling me to the door, "C'mon, C'mon.  Let's go.  Move it!"

We get into the foyer.  Not wasting time and in a hurry, she just throws her packages to the floor and pushes me into the living room behind the big sofa and tells me to "Get those pants down!  Now!  C'mon!  Hurry!" and fumbling with my belt and zipper trying to make it happen even faster.  Hell, she so anxious she hadn't even taken the time to take off her coat!

My pants are now down at my ankles and I'm pushed over the back of the sofa.  In one swoop, down come my shorts.   She positions herself, winds up her right arm and says, "You asked for this and now you're going to get it.  Laugh at this!"  With that I get a pretty good swat on my left cheek.   (Oh!  Good one.)  Then the right cheek; another pretty good one, too.  But I'm still playing the fool and in with a whiny voice, "Ow. No. That hurts.  Please don't spank me."  That made her more determined, but at least she's still grinning, and I get a couple more pretty sold whacks.   We're having fun.

So I'm still being the whiny and laughing BF and start to wriggle and move my bottom left and right - making her miss the target!  Sometimes a glancing shot, some near misses, none of them are like those first two she had landed, and she's getting peeved.  She can't consistently land solid smacks!  Ha!  I'm winning!

After her telling me to "Stand still!  Stop moving around!" ('cuz, 'ya know, that always works) and my ignoring her, she gives a, "Grrrr!", parks her left hip on the back of the sofa right up next to me, right foot on the floor for stability, and puts her left arm around my lower waist to keep me, relatively, in place.  I can't move as freely, and she goes to town.  I'm getting a good spanking now, and it's coming harder and faster.  In my mind I could almost see her; bright eyes, an evil smile, lips pursed, teeth clenched, and delivering full, bare-hand swats on my wriggling bottom.  She's one determined woman.  Gawd, I love her.  It's not that hard a spanking because of our positions, she still doesn't have the right angle.  Besides, it didn't hurt.  Sherry hit like a girl.  (I can say that.  Now.)

She spanked me hard and fast only for maybe about one minute, tops. And then it's over.  I then stand up from the sofa, rubbing my now-pink bottom. I look at her beautiful face and see those sparkling eyes, that Cheshire cat-like grin.  And she's panting!  Literally, she's panting from the exertion. She looks so beautiful!  I'm so turned on.  Did I mention along with a red tingling bottom I also had a raging erection?  No?  Yup.

"Gotcha' good, didn't I smart boy?"

"Yeah; you did.  Whooo!" I smiled and rubbed.  Then I hugged her close.  And lovingly. And kissed her sweetly on her neck, just the way she loves it.  She wraps her arms around me in turn.  I whisper in her ear, "And now I'm going to fuck you, and there's not a damn thing you can do to stop me."

She gives out that fake "Eeeeek; Oh no you're not!", and starts to run.  I make a move to grab her.  OK, one and all, lesson for the day: you cannot run very hard or fast when your slacks and undershorts are around your ankles.  Just sayin'...  Take notes if you need to.

I trip and start to fall but was able to grasp just a bit of that coat she forgot to take off and pull her to the floor with me in a tumble.  There began the struggle to get her out of her slacks and panties, not to mention my getting my slacks, shorts and shoes off.  (It wasn't easy!)  "You woke up the penis; and he must be fed - for he is hungry!"

She could easily have stopped me at any time if she wanted to, but despite all her pathetic and fake "No!! No!" squeals and totally feeble efforts trying to keep her pants on, she was into it.  Which was good; because I sure as hell was.

I finally get her slacks and panties off, part her legs and soon enough she is going "Ummmmm!" and you hear that little "Uuh!" intake of air women do when you've hit "it" right and their back arches.  God, that's a great moment.  I watch and see her suck in her breath while biting her lower lip.   I got her.  I got her.  I own her.  I own her orgasm!  Own it!  And now it's all 'Grand Aria at the opera' time!

The rest I can leave to your imagination.

After, we just lie on the floor enjoying what had happened and quietly talking.  Me:  "You told the clerk about spanking me, but I'm the one that winds up getting spanked!"

"Oh, and you weren't asking for it?  Besides. You got laid."  (An implied: "So there.")

"Yeah; and a red, sore butt too!"

"I like it!  It looks so cute."  (Eagerly) "Maybe I should do it again!!!

"Not tonight, honey.  By the way, how's the carpet burn?"  (Big shit-eating grin here.)

"Oh, yeah. That."  (Smiles.)

Gawd, I love her.


A little epilogue:

This was fun, but I think it only could have been pulled off in the manner it did.  If it was reversed and it was me pointing to her and threatening a spanking the clerk may well have called security or the local police.  It's funny only when it's a woman threatening her boyfriend with a spanking because, well, that's cool. Not so when it is the other way around.  Which I think is fair.

It was a great night.  It never happened again and I never saw the clerk again, not out of any embarrassment, just that I don't like shopping to begin with, especially lingerie, so it would be a rare event if I wound up there again.  I'd really like to know what that clerk was thinking as she saw us leave Bloomingdale's that night. Probably smiled all the way home.  And while I never went back, Sherry certainly did.  And if she encountered that clerk again she never told me.

Last, in the other story I sent to Hermione about being in the antiques store acting the fool, the female owner of the store had asked when we were going to get married, something that she really had me thinking about.  Seriously thinking.  Sherry was smart, cute, sexy with great gams and a truly spankable tush, a real dry, smart-mouth wit, and a woman whom I loved and wanted to be with all the time.  Marriage?  Could Sherry be "the one"?

No.  It didn't happen.

I mentioned in that last post the I met Sherry when working on a contract and she was appointed to be the person I had to deal with instead of the director.  What I didn't mention was my "client" was the U.S. Army, and Sherry was a Captain in that army.  Yup!  Sherry was career Army.  She was born into a military family, and like her father, wanted to make it a career.

A few months after that "fun" in the antiques store, Sherry told me that she had spent some time with one of the personnel officers assigned to her branch of the Army to plan out the next phase of her career.  She sat down and told me that in a few months she was going to be reassigned and sent to the "Advanced Course" for her branch, and after that 4-6 month course, get her first overseas assignment:  To South Korea. For at least a year.  She would be gone from me for at least 18 months.  Worse, after Korea she would be reassigned to another army post, most likely NOT Washington.

And that's what killed off any ideas about getting our married.  I had, a couple years before, got out of the Army myself, was now established in my career path and finally - finally! - making enough money so that I was not living paycheck to paycheck. I might have been able to get back in, but the likelihood we would serve in the same place at that same time was slim, and I'd be years behind my peers for promotion.  And that ended the relationship.  I lost her.

The last I heard is that she wound up in Texas after South Korea, met a guy in the army, got married, had kids, and "found Jesus".

And now, decades later, because of Hermione's website, all that is coming back to me, and I'm left wondering what could have been. Should I have followed her...? 
Readers, what do you think?
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, July 10, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 9

What is your comfort level with spanking on a deserted beach or in a dense forest? Let's see!

Anon: Dense forest-she'd be otk in a heartbeat. Not likely on a beach, even deserted. I would never risk getting caught as she is easy to embarrass. (Side note: Our first otk, she ended up alarmed as she stopped for gas right after leaving a B2B house I rented, and caught herself pumping and rubbing her sore behind and then recalled "I'm in public". Like I said, easily embarrassed. She would never see anyone watching her at station again anyway.)

Sir Wendel: We’ve given spankings in the forest a try before. We usually make sure it’s a less traveled area to avoid someone stumbling by. As for the beach it would depend how deserted and what clothing is worn. If the misses had a little sundress on then I would probably put her across my lap for a good bare bottom spanking.

KDPierre: The forest scenario has happened to me many times in previous relationships and I could see it happening again with Rosa. As for the beach? A lot would depend on the situation at the time. Even mood would play into it. So ya never know?

Liza: I've never thought about but why not? We've had sex on the beach.

Roz: We have proper beach fronts and other secluded areas which are rocky with lots of trees around the waterfront. We have certainly used them to good effect on occadion. Though a park bench, once or twice that I can recall.

Dr. Ken: Oh, absolutely. As I've stated before, I have no spanking partner at the moment, but I think she'd probably be agreeable. Granted, my attention would probably be divided being looking around to make sure the beach or forest were still deserted and paying attention to smacking her bottom. First sight or sound of someone else being present and it's over and back on our feet in a flash.

Rosco: Even if you think the beach is deserted, it may be hard to be sure. I've licked Irene's pussy a few times on the beach, even though she gets nervous - she loves to do it outdoors. We were caught once.

In the woods, I've been ordered to cut a switch, take down my pants and bend over. I've also been led by a leash secured through my zipper around my balls for some distance.

Welcome, Rosco!

Fondles: Definitely yes to both. In fact we HAVE stopped by a bench on a stretch of beach for an OTK spanking. A dense forest would definitely be a yes for us too!

Peter: My wife would not think twice, I've been spanked where others can happen by and have. Part of the punishment as states with a smile as I dance around. The worse was down by the river, not far from her best friends place we were staying with. I was over her lap, must have been heard, her best friend soon was standing there and handed my wife a large hairbrush. I soon had kicked off my pants and underpants and had to walk back to house while both made comments. The spanking that I got once we got back home, well lets say, never spent so much time facing the wall, naked, crying.

Ronnie: Silly but I've always wanted to be spanked on a beach so if it was deserted I'd hope P would take the opportunity to spank me. I have been spanked in the woods now.

A.J. Sure!

The key for us would have been a good look in all directions first; then a confirming, "You OK with this...?'

If it's a "Yes"....!!!!!!

Hermione: I might go for it on a deserted beach—it sounds rather exciting—but Ron probably wouldn't. The dense forest would be a different matter and he just might go for it there.

Thank you all for some great responses this week!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #184

Welcome back, dear friends, to our weekly gathering. This week I think it will be fun to use our imaginations.

You and your partner are walking along a deserted beach. There is no one else in sight, and you see a  park bench ahead. Would you dare to stop for a quick spanking? What if the two of you were walking through a dense forest with plenty of foliage to hide you, and a fallen tree to sit on or bend over. Would your answer be different?

Leave your response in the comment section below and once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish a summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, July 8, 2017

You Completed the Caption

KDPierre: "Listen, wiseguy, I just said you're going to get a dozen strokes with this yardstick. What do you mean, 'how many is that converted to metric?'!?!?!"

Hands63: You call that a ruler? THIS IS A RULER!
Now bend over!

Baxter: Yes, I can see that I have upset you and here is the ruler you told me to get. Take it and I will bend over the desk and you can spank my bottom, that so much deserves to be warmed up.

Sir Wendel: Giving me an apple will not keep you from getting spanked.

Ronnie: See this ruler Jones, now bend over your desk and you'll feel it as well.

Hermione: Pat would never chew gum in class again.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday FAIL

Get those wooden spoons out, folks. these cooks all deserve a good paddling!

Look up. Look waaaaay up.

Someone's going to be very sorry!

We'll be ordering take-out tonight

How did you read the recipe?

Slow down and do it right

Happy Friday!
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Complete the Caption

School can be stressful for teachers as well as for students. What has happened to annoy this teacher, and who will be staying after class?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will issue your report cards on Saturday.
From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 2

Happy Independence Day to my American readers! What advice would you give the a spanking newbie?

Roz: My advice would be communicate with your partner then communicate some more. It's important to discover each other's likes, dislikes, no-go areas etc and to determine the direction you both want your relationship to go in future.

A.J. What Roz said.

And maybe be open to the thought you won't like it? Ease into it. Apply Roz's comments after. Try it several times.

For her: That you can always say "no". Or, "Harder!"
For him: It's not a contest. You're not in this position to have to prove anything.

For both, take your time and not rush anything or have too high demands/expectations.

Don't make it the point about which your world turns.

Make sure there are lots of smiles!

Ronnie: Just starting out - communication to determine how you both want TTWD to work for you. How far you want to take it. As AJ says, take your time, talk, try it. No pressure.

If you would like to get into spanking maybe find some blogs that you like and pass the link/s on to your partner for them to read and then talk to see what they think.

Hermione: Assuming you have already decided to try spanking, I would suggest you start out using the hand only. Leave the implements for a later time when both of you are comfortable with the idea of inflicting pain. Then gradually add implements according to personal preference. If a hairbrush turns you on, try it. Always wanted to feel a belt? Go for it, but gently at first. As pain tolerance increases and you and your partner understand one another's limits, you can become more experimental.

Excellent advice! If you have anything to add, please do so as a comment below.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, July 3, 2017

You Completed the Caption

Sorry for the delay, but better late than never!  Here are your clever captions for this vintage photo.

kdpierre: Initially foot-tired and bored at the Art Museum, once Myrtle saw "Bird in Space"on a pedestal, she immediately decided it was the perfect thing to sit upon...and subsequently contemplated how 'modern art' was not nearly as useless as she had previously thought.

Anon 1: I hope this time he leaves his buddies at the bar!

Anon 2: You know, it's every woman's dream to have a good man put her up on a pedestal. What nobody tells you is that a good man will periodically yank you down off the pedestal, sit down on it and put you over his knee for a sound spanking, which is what's about to happen right now.

Leigh: What implement will he choose?

Andrea: I wonder if Will get to keep my panties on this time and will he tweak my nipples, I hope so....

Katie: Never in my wildest dreams, did I imagine myself being sent to think about my behavior, while staring at an art exhibit, in a museum. I wonder if he will spank here...

Sir Wendel: Yes, I deserve a spanking for choosing the Museum over a shoe sale at Macy’s.

Baxter: Here I sit quietly in contemplation and comfortable. Because of my skipping out on class, I will be unable to sit comfortably as the professor promised a spanking. Well, my bottom could use a warm up.

Anon 3: When he asked me to pose for "before" and "after" pictures, I never dreamed he'd be photographing my bare bottom "before" and "after" a spanking. He's just finished shooting the before pics and has gone to fetch a hairbrush to prepare my poor bum for the "after" photos.

Anon 4: If I'd known the theme of this exhibition was "The Well Spanked Bottom" I never would have volunteered to be a model.

Hermione: You're going to love watching him spank me, aren't you? I might just turn your head around and let you face the wall this time. How would you like that, eh?

Thank you all for making me laugh today. 
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #183

Welcome, dear friends, to a belated spanko brunch. Have a typical Canadian snack with us and join in the conversation. Many of us have known each other for years and are comfortable with our spanking activities. But there are probably some readers who are new to it all.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into spanking with his or her partner, or who is just starting out? 

Leave your reply as a comment and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to respond.
From Hermione's Heart